Kayleigh's Crew began in 2005 with three members (Jason, Nicole and Kameron) and since then has grown to include so many wonderful friends, family members and generous donors.

Kayleigh lost her battle to a vascular anomaly-called Infantile Hemangioma. A condition few doctors knew how to diagnose and even fewer at the time knew how to treat. The most challenging thing in the world is to sit back and watch your child lose a battle to a disease that has no treatment and no clear understanding of why it occurred. We take a little peace in knowing that our efforts today have helped to save other children like Kayleigh. 

We have taken so many steps in the right direction since 2005. Dr. Paula North, an internationally respected pathologist and hemangioma researcher has joined the staff at Children's Hospital to further improve the research of vascular anomalies. As well the Birth Marks and Vascular Anomalies Center has made phenomenal strides since opening. 

Lastly with great support from so many, The Kayleigh Ali Vascular Anomalies Research Fund was endowed in 2007.